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So I finally got my clitoral hood pierced…

I wanted to tell you guys about it and whether you should get it done if you’re thinking about it.

Female genital piercings are usually in 3 catagories, outer lips, clitoral or inner lips (although a fourchette is a piercing through the bottom wall of the vagina and the perineum, and experimental procedures may pierce the vagina or surface skin). But usually it’s going to be one of these three - I got a vertical clitoral hood bar, so that’s all I can speak with authority over.

For me the actual procedure was very painful, but having read many blogs on it lots of women don’t seem to feel the same way. They say it hurts less that getting a lobe done - which I can say strongly it was not for me! It hurt more than any other of my piercings, and I’ve had my tragus, cartilige, lobes and nose done. It was brief however, and the pain went straight away afterwards meaning I could walk comfortably.

But that’s the deal with any piercing - what really matters is how it feels. Of course I haven’t had sex yet with it as it still twinges if you touch it and sometimes I can feel it turn and pinch. But I am happy to say I just had one of the most AMAZING orgasms from masturbation with it. Honestly, I wasn’t even putting much effort into the sesh - but it was body-rocking.

I’m so looking forward to having it the next time I get laid. I especially wanted it as I can’t come very well from just vaginal or just clitoral stimulation when I’m with a partner, I need both. So now I’m not asking my man to be a genuis of a magician, as my little bar will rub and slide against my clitoris now whilst he’s fucking me.


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